Depar Engine Bearings

Depar Engine Bearings

  • Depar manufactures the following bearings by using steel backed bronze, steel backed aluminum and steel backed white metal materials in the production of engine bearings.

  • Special Size Bearings Manufacturing

    The bearings of the oversize and undersize rectified machines are manufactured in a very short time. Third layer electroplated coating maintenance of trimetal bearings. Renewal of the bearings by bringing them to the original size by electroplating in accordance with the bearing technique as much as the amount of wear detected by our technical team in the third layer electrolysis coating of the bearings during the periodical maintenance of the machines.

    White Metal Bearing Repair (Babbit Metal)

    Renewing the metal of tin and lead based white metal (Babbit Metal) bearings and bushings, which are mostly worn in the ship and energy sector, by centrifugal casting system in accordance with the bearing technique.